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training in winter...

reap the rewards. be truly grateful for a hot shower

Froot Camp in winter. we're not gonna lie - it's hard to drag your butt into darkness and cold when you could be at home with a glass of red and a bowl of mac & cheese. but we’re here to give you a bit of motivation, wrapped in a reality check, to keep you focused and hopefully committed now that clocks are back and winter is descending...

first up - let's get real. it's Auckland, not Antarctica. 

now that we've cleared that up - here's a few other things to get you into the Winter Froot Camp mindset:

• be committed. decide if your fitness over winter is actually important to you or whether you'd rather be a Winter Whale. We won’t judge you. 

• be brave. it's Froot Camp - based on military style training. do you think frontline soldiers heading into battle ever pull out a "sorry comrades, bit drizzly today and my chilblains are bad. think I'll sit this one out but you guys go on ahead"? Froot Camp happens rain, hail or shine. please note: a severe weather warning from Civil Defence may see Froot Camp moving to a new location (we're not insane)

• be realistic. yes - it's going to be cold. you're going to get chilly digits - buy some cheap gloves from The Warehouse. bring a jacket and have a merino layer. consider bringing a headlamp.

• be accountable. don't be afraid to buddy up and check in with someone else at Froot Camp. having someone else to check in with can be great motivation. if you want a text / call from one of the trainers, just send me a private message and we'll get that teed up.

• strangely - the weather Gods are generally shining between 6-7pm on a Tuesday and Thursday. not sure why but the weather does tend to clear in time for a good session. 

• it’s only a few months. don’t let the hard work and the great gains you’ve made so far go to waste. 

• there's nothing better than a post-winter Froot Camp shower. only a winter recruit knows the joy of feeling returning to fingers and toes. you'll also regularly discover that knees and elbows need extra attention in the shower over winter. and you'll likely discover this when you're out of the shower too #winning

here's what we can promise you: you’re never gonna leave thinking ‘I wish I hadn’t done that session’. you’ll fight the winter spread.winter sessions will be some of the most rewarding you do.