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everything you need to know...

ensure you're prepared for your first Froot Camp class. more questions? contact us.

what should I bring?​
  • a water bottle

  • warm clothes (layer up in winter! it's better to take layers off than be wishing you'd brought more)

  • any medication you might require (eg asthma inhaler)

  • a good attitude. be prepared for it to be tough at times!

what fitness levels do you cater for? 

all levels! please don't feel you have to get fit to come to Froot Camp; Froot Camp is designed to get you fit.​​​

what about the weather?

Froot Camp classes take place no matter the weather. should Civil Defence declare a state of emergency we'll definitely take that into consideration though - so keep an eye on the facebook group for training day updates

it's dark outside...

bring a headlamp if you like! in the winter evenings we tend to stay a little closer to the Museum where there is a bit more lighting

can i bring friends?

absolutely - please do. Froot Camp is the size it is today thanks to loyal recruits spreading the word and inviting their friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones. the more the merrier.  

how do i stay updated?

your trainer will update the Froot Camp facebook page every day so make sure you join the group to stay connected