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other important froot camp info

do Froot Campers take part in events?

yes - all the time! events are a great way to put your Froot Camp efforts in to practice. your trainers and fellow recruits will often share what they're up to during cool down and in the facebook group; we're always looking for more friends to join us as we race through rivers and tear through trails. 

Here's a few links to our favourites:

what sort of training do you do?

Froot Camp is focused on resistence and body-weight training. there's no equipment involved but we do take advantage of the beautiful Auckland Domain by moving each and every session to a different location. 

are classes repetitive? 

no two Froot Camp sessions are ever the same! each session has a different trainer and is held in a different part of the Domain. variety is everything which ensures you don't get bored and you're working out your whole body. 

why is Froot Camp free? 

we're lucky to be blessed with an enormous park in the centre of Auckland that we don't have to pay to use! also, Froot Camp trainers are a bunch of individuals passionate about helping good people get fit. we value seeing recruits challenge themselves and smash their fitness goals over financial reward.


we believe that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to mean expensive gym memberships or specialised equipment; a beautiful outdoor space combined with your great attitude can help you be the best you.