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meet the 'trainers'

Froot Camp trainers are a bunch of individuals passionate about helping good people get fit. we value seeing recruits challenge themselves and smash their fitness goals over financial reward.


we believe that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to mean expensive gym memberships or specialised equipment; a beautiful outdoor space combined with your great attitude can help you be the best you.

scott james
Scott's been too busy planning kickarse sessions to supply his words - working on it.
angela irwin
Froot Camp for me is about working out with my friends and having a laugh while we do.  I get so much satisfaction out of meeting new people and helping them achieve their fitness goals.  Rain, hail or shine the domain is the most beautiful place to train and i love every minute of it. 
julia james 

I love seeing the improvements people make when they commit to Froot Camp, whether it’s being able to do a push up for the first time or pushing themselves harder than they ever thought they could go.  It’s inspiring to train alongside such a great group of welcoming people who make each session as fun as it is tough. 

mike tisch 

There’s a real satisfaction in being a part of people achieving personal fitness goals they didn’t expect to reach! The friendship and genuine effort by all members to be in the Froot Camp Family is inspiring and motivating. It’s a pleasure to train with the Frooters!  

sarah moore

The best thing about Froot Camp is the fantastic people you meet. The friendships that have grown from Froot Camp make this so worthwhile. Everyone's on their own personal well-being journey and to be a part of that is really special. It's a privilege to train and train alongside my fellow Frootles. 

please note: 

Froot Camp trainers are not formally trained as fitness instructors or personal trainers. what we do have is over 25 years combined experience as bootcamp recruits.